This Godless Communism

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Here's a fun little comic from 1961, about the evils of Communism.
It starts with an imaginary tale about the USSA, America taken over by Commies, then proceeds with a fairly detailed (and somewhat imaginary) history of Communism in Russia. The art is varies in quality quite a bit.
kruschev1.jpg kruschev2.jpg
As if the comic wasn't strange enough, there's a Catholic bias to add to the weirdness.
Dad: "And it says all the Catholic priests and sisters are being sent to a labor camp! Those who resist will be killed!"
Mom: "They're doing the same thing with most of the Jewish and Protestant ministers!"


scott said:

Thank you, J. Edgar Hoover, for teaching me what makes communism "tick". Golly, I would hate to live in the U.S.S.A.! Escpecially under people who say things like, "Our beliefs are built on hate. Now is the time to use that hatred."

noo said:

they should have seen the writing on the wall when Canada first became infiltrated!
What is amazing in the first segment (you know the speculative, imagined one) is how this "communism" has overcome the USA without any popular support.

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