To been born do not buy them null

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I found a article about the Christmas Karl musical and the Buy Nothing Christmas movement on an italian website, Voce Evangelica. Google translation creates some pretty wild poetry. Somehow NATO gets involved in the whole thing.... 05 Decembers 2004 - (ve/christiancentury) In Canada are risen a movement of Christians called "buy nothing Christmas" (To Been born do not buy them null) in order de-to commercialize the festivity of the NATO them and "to create a style of life richer than sense, plus moderated from the point of view of the impact it acclimatizes them, and more generous in donating". The movement is author of a musical comedy, a work defined "antishopping" from the title it To Christmas Karl. Draft of the history of a taken adolescent to with one the mother obsessed from the cult of the purchases. The founder of the movement has been defined taccagno and miser, but the scope of the movement is that one to help the persons to pass a free NATO them from the anxiety of the shopping. An idea that is taking root also in Europe.


beck said:

I can't stop saying it: To be born do not buy them null. So sounding like good!

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