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Solid gold, baby!

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Tadalists are online to-do lists that can be kept private or shared. And they're free. It's a simple idea, but undoubtably useful.

Heritage Winnipeg

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Heritage Winnipeg has a virtual library which contains a tonne of historical photos of Winnipeg. Very nice. Big revelation for me: There used to be a trolley that ran down the boulevard on Broadway!



IT Conversations offers a ton of downloadable lectures and interviews. (Warning, mostly techy crap. For general appeal, try the Malcolm Gladwell lecture.)

The history of tabs

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I had no idea tabs were such a recent invention.

Yummy new Apples

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Mac mini (Formerly known as the headless iMac. Buy a few and scatter them around the house.)
iPod shuffle (Clever marketing. The fact that it will only hold a fraction of your music collection is cool! Embrace randomness! But I do want it.)
iWork (Should I give word processors a second chance?)
iLife updates (Better Garage Band, iMovie and iPhoto.)

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