Yummy new Apples

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Mac mini (Formerly known as the headless iMac. Buy a few and scatter them around the house.)
iPod shuffle (Clever marketing. The fact that it will only hold a fraction of your music collection is cool! Embrace randomness! But I do want it.)
iWork (Should I give word processors a second chance?)
iLife updates (Better Garage Band, iMovie and iPhoto.)


dan said:

Hey Andrea. The iPod shuffle comes with a LANYARD. Now you have to get one.

noo said:

well, I had stopped believing in a better and brighter future, but now I see...
a better world through design...
plus you do the whole "but for just $50 dollars more..." movie theatre, pop-corn upsizing thing, and next thing you know you have the photo ipod...

andrea said:

i'd like to get iWork with a special edition LANYARD, please.

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