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Diarrhea Dan


Diarrhea Dan is an exciting new game featuring speech synthesis. And you can play it through your telephone line!


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The Canadian-made Oscar-winning animated short, Ryan, can be viewed in its entirety on the NFB website. Interestingly, the subject of the film is Ryan Larkin, who was nominated for an Oscar in the '60s. (I've seen this film somewhere before. Possibly on Zed?)


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A couple of extraordinary brain teasers from the good people who brought you Giraffes? Giraffes!

Worst movies I have seen

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The 13 movies I have seen from Metacritic's worst 200, why I saw them, and if they were as bad as the critics say:
31. Glitter For Andrea. For Mariah's outfits. Qualifies as so-bad-it's-good (SBIG).
32. Dungeons and Dragons Justin Whalin and geek obligation. It was pretty bad.
36. Rollerball I see everything with Jean Reno in it, bad or good. This one was bad.
53. Showgirls This is actually the best SBIG movie of all time.
61. The Mod Squad Claire Danes. It was bad, but it inspired me to buy goldfish.
105. The Order Heath Ledger. It was bad. The poor guy really can't act.
109. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Because the first one was not bad. I don't remember anything about it. Oh, I see it had Brandy in it, which must be why I saw it.
115. Cabin Boy Chris Elliot, Andy Richter, David Letterman, sock puppets. SBIG.
138. Formula 51 Sam Jackson in a kilt. Bad.
155. Mr. Deeds Adam Sandler. Not his funniest, but not that bad.
159. The Skulls Joshua Jackson. Really bad.
179. Here on Earth In the vain hope that Chris Klein and Josh Hartnett would end up together after the girl died. They did not.
184. Gloria I have no idea why I saw this. Really bad.

7 from the worst 200 I still want to see and why:
13. Battlefield Earth John Travolta pet project has to be SBIG.
22. The Avengers I probably shouldn't because I want it to be good and it won't be.
74. Valentine David Boreanaz.
90. Hudson Hawk I've always thought it might not be as bad as they say, but I've still never seen it. (I'm an idiot.)
120. Left Behind: The Movie Would be a nice companion piece to Battlefield Earth.
140. My Baby's Daddy For the same mysterious reason I saw Gloria. Some things just can't be explained.
163. Autumn in New York Winona Ryder and Richard Gere are the new Hepburn and Tracy.
Also, any which feature Gilbert Gottfried.

Strindberg and Helium

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Strindberg and Helium. August Strindberg is a depressive 19th century playwright. Helium is his little pink balloon.

The Nature Anthem


The video for The Nature Anthem may seem overly sweet at first, but your tastebuds will adjust and you will be able to watch the whole thing.

shuffle tips


These iPod shuffle tips and tricks are very helpful (if you have an iPod shuffle). It's the stuff Apple doesn't include in the manual.

50 sci-fi novels for socialists


Lance will go for number seven


Lance Armstrong has announced that he will ride in the 2005 Tour de France, trying to win for a seventh time. It's not a big surprise and considering how decisively he won last year, he will probably be tough to beat. Basso and Ullrich need to bring it this time.

Ooh, another royal wedding!

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Grab your tulle (if you know what I mean)! Prince Charles and Camilla are getting married in April. Says Charles, "Mrs. Parker Bowles and I are absolutely delighted. It will be a very special day for us and our families." Oh, stop gushing, you hopeless romantic. ("Do you, Charles, take Mrs. Parker Bowles to be your lawfully wedded wife? And do you, Mrs. Parker Bowles, take...")

Boklok flat pack houses

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IKEA is moving into flat pack housing, with Boklok. You put it together yourself! That must require some pretty big hex wrenchs. Seriously though, they've been offering the houses in Scandanavia for a little while, and will be offering them shortly in the UK. (via Mocoloco)

CBC Arts


The CBC Arts page has an interesting article on the artistic/moral/political issues involved in making a genocide film. (We saw Hotel Rwanda in Vancouver this week.) The Arts page also has a photo essay history of portable music , from transistor radios to iPods.

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