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Radio David Byrne


David Byrne has started his own streaming radio station, playing whatever he is into at the moment. It’s a good listen. (It can also be found in iTunes radio listings under “eclectic”.)

Whedon and Sondheim


A comics journalist reports on a panel discussion with Stephen Sondheim and Joss Whedon in New York. He then goes on to draw comparisons between the state of musical theater and the comic book industry.

50 Tracks


We spent Saturday afternoon listening to CBC’s 50 essential Canadian songs on the car radio. Pretty good list. I have to admit, I personally wouldn’t need Stompin’ Tom or the Tragically Hip if I was stranded on a desert island (or ice flow), but I am willing to respect my fellow Canadians’ tastes. (But hey, what about Joey Gregorash?? “Together”? How can that not rank up there with “Suzanne” or “Lovers In A Dangerous Time”??)

Bike courier adventures


Just read a great article on becoming a bike courier. I’m still half-intrigued, half-leary of doing this. Winnipeg pluses: Flattest place on earth, perfect for fixed gear bikes. Minuses: Windchill and frostbite.

Most famous paintings


Reading an article about the Mona Lisa got me thinking about the most famous paintings in the world. I’m not talking about importance or quality or anything like that, just the best known. The ones you can refer to and almost anyone would know what you are talking about. I think the Mona Lisa wins the top spot, with only The Last Supper in close contention, but what are the others? Here is my rather Eurocentric, male-dominated list…

Hubble desktops


Just came across some nice desktop pictures from the Hubble space telescope. Get 'em before the orbit decays! (If the images download as .zip files, just change the extension to .jpg instead of trying to decompress them. Not sure why they're doing that.)



Wonder Woman movie will be written and directed by Joss Whedon! Is it a coincidence that both Charisma Carpenter and SMG are being talked about for the lead role? (Personally, I'd cast Eliza Dushku. Assuming Lynda Carter is not available.) (Various rumours collected here.)

13 things that don't make sense


New Scientist has a list of 13 things that science cannot currently explain, from the placebo effect to dark energy. (Most of these problematic facts would also make good band names. For instance: The Pioneer Anomaly.)

Ed Emberley


Emberley bat
Wow, I totally forgot about the Ed Emberley drawing books until now! I must have drawn these animals a thousand times each when I was a kid. (via


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Superman being a dick to Jimmy Olsen
If you look at old Superman comic covers, it becomes pretty obvious that Superman is a dick.


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Left brain, right brain, left brain, right brain, left, right, left, right, argh!

Who on CBC

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The new Doctor Who series is coming to CBC April 5! I figured if any channel in Canada would carry this, it would be Space. Bring an extra long scarf, Doctor!

Batman logos


Batman comic logos over the years. I just wish someone would graph Batman's ear length vs. the US economic performance. (The This is Pop blog has lots more tasty comic/pop culture stuff.)

Wallace and Grommit


There's a Wallace and Grommit feature film coming this fall. Dreamworks has a kind of a "making of" trailer online. I didn't like Chicken Run too much, but this looks like vintage Aardman.

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