Green Day DAY

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Just want you all to know that I have a green jacket on today, to keep the mood GREEN.
And just think, tomorrow is Star Wars Day!


dan said:

There, I've made the site extra garish in honour of the day day.

beck said:

I tried to be a punk and tried to steal earplugs from Forestry Storage, but they are all gone, because summer students started and took them to the field :(
I will have to be a punk in other bending policy with my intense will.

beck said:

sadly, because security is tough at work, and I don't have Flash, I can not look at the GD site.
(I mean GD in both contexts)

dan said:

Green theme's gone. Yoda in da house. (Hit reload to see him.)

beck said:

Yeah, that rawked to see the changed screen. Niiiice. Use the force luke

beck said:

Oh, I mean: SUCK!
Green Day - Woo Hoo, the concert Can'T be over. Nooo - I heart Billy Joe - and all that.

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