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So I somehow managed to delete the database for this weblog (I think it had something to do with clicking the delete button) and I'm still in the process of restoring it. I backed up the database in March, but everything since then has to be rebuilt from backups of the html pages. Comments are missing on all recent entries, but I'm hopeful that I can restore those too.


dan said:


beck said:

I was not allowed to post on the canadian idyll yesterday - but this seems to be working now

scott said:

Aww man! All the comments got lost?? That was some of my best stuff. That was "A" material! I mean, what's the point of making commentary if it won't be safeguarded as legacy for the future?
By the way, I taped Gilmore Girls.

dan said:

Not all comments were lost, just the comments since mid-March, and I can restore those as well if I can find the time to manually copy and paste them back into the database. Your legacy will live on, if I can get around to it.

beck said:

Now I have a notice that I have to enter a new password, but where do I enter it?

dan said:

I've sent you an email with instructions.

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