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Wikitrivia is a challenging trivia game that automatically generates questions from entries in the Wikipedia. It works quite well, except for rare occasions when the answer appears within the question in slightly modified form.


scott said:

My first question: "1985, 1986, ????, 1988, and 1989 are years that..." I think the topic was "Movies".

beck said:

Does this make any sense??

This is a ???? ?? ????????? ?????????? ????????, including ????????? ?????????? networks. United States ???????? Amfeed - The City (Transmetropolitan graphic novels) Cable 10 - Aurora, Illinois community access station, Wayne's World (The public access station in Aurora does exist on channel 10, but i ...

beck said:

Oh sorry, topic: Legends

andrea said:

i selected the category "art" and got a question about african geography, which is answered correctly, and got 10 points! now the screen says "please wait" but nothing more is happening...

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