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Tour de France 2005

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Here's a newspaper spread that packs a great deal of information about Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France into one giant graphic. I did not realize he uses cork brake pads. Cork!

Le Tour starts this Saturday, and the sites I will be watching are:
OLN TV, for live audio broadcasts
The Official Tour website with minute by minute text updates
The Tour de France blog, with a round up of all the daily news
Graham Watson, for the best photos

Gay marriage goes nationwide

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I'm actually feeling a little patriotic today. Way to go, Canada! I can get married if I want to! Big if! Also, in completely unrelated news, Ronald Reagan was voted the Greatest American by American TV viewers. Abraham Lincoln came in 2nd. Nice going there guys.

Pointless Google research day

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Looking at the Globe and Mail today, I was surprised to learn that people from Quebec are called "Quebeckers"! I've never seen that spelling before, and it just looks wrong to me. Here are the number of hits on Google for various spellings:

Quebecker(s):   47,800
Quebecer(s):   128,000
Quebecquer(s):      65
Kebecker(s):        96
Quebecois:   2,040,000

So, majority says either Quebecer or Quebecois. I can see how there is a problem with the word Quebecer for a French speaker, since it reads as a soft C, but then again the "er" would be pronounced "ay", so it doesn't work anyway. I'm going with my own spelling, Kwebecquerre.


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3wish flash games are cute and challenging, but don't take too long to play. Kind of a cross between Myst and the Powerpuff Girls. Well, that's the best analogy I can come up with at the moment. (via)

Witnesses to history


I've just read two interesting personal accounts of history. One, by the first American reporter to enter Nagasaki after the bomb, and the second from a young photography who attended the Yalta conference. (via)

secret postcards

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PostSecret, people write their secrets on postcards and send them in.

Steve Jobs commencement speech


I've haven't listened to much of it yet, but Steve Jobs' speech to the graduating students at Stanford is supposed to be awe inspiring, life changing, etc. Actually, it is pretty good so far. Update: OK, it's very good, and I'm not just saying that because he's Steve. Plus, he kept it under 15 minutes!

Tags and digicams

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Yay! So Movabletype (the software powering this blog and a billion others) now supports tagging, thanks to a nifty new plugin. What that means is that all entries here will soon be categorized up the wazoo. Also, I just got a new digital camera, so that should help me spiff things up a bit. Also, I'm going to try to cut down on using cutesy, old-timey words like wazoo, spiff, and old-timey.

Lucas interview from 1977

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Rolling Stone did a really great interview with George Lucas in 1977. Lucas is very honest about his failings, but also has a keen understanding of what makes a monumental movie. I've never read a better explanation of what he was trying to do. (Maybe he should have reread this interview before starting on the prequels.) He hints at some of his ideas for sequels, and it's obvious he did not have all 6 movies plotted out at this point. Though the biggest question is, what ever happened to his comic/toy store?

You too can bind books

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How to bind books at home. It looks like quite a bit of work, but with great results.

Intel inside


Wow! So Macs really are going to have Intel inside within a couple of years. I didn't actually believe it until Steve said it himself. From what I understand, this shouldn't have too great an impact on users. Macs should continue to look and feel the same, and all existing software will run via an emulator that you won't even notice. The only difference is that they'll befaster and cheaper. [Update: OK, the transition may not be 100% transparent. It appears that Classic applications and a few others will not run on the new chips. Oh well.]

There is no spoon

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This is the craziest optical illusion I've seen in a while. Where can I download a bugfix for my visual cortex?

Ode to joy


The BBC is going to be broadcasting performances of all 9 Beethoven symphonies, and afterwards offering them as MP3s for download for a limited time. Sweeeeet.

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