Lucas interview from 1977

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Rolling Stone did a really great interview with George Lucas in 1977. Lucas is very honest about his failings, but also has a keen understanding of what makes a monumental movie. I've never read a better explanation of what he was trying to do. (Maybe he should have reread this interview before starting on the prequels.) He hints at some of his ideas for sequels, and it's obvious he did not have all 6 movies plotted out at this point. Though the biggest question is, what ever happened to his comic/toy store?


Russ! said:

Hey, is this where the term 'space opera' comes from?

dan said:

I wouldn't be surprised. It seems like this interview was the original source for much of the discussion around Star Wars.

scott said:

According to wikipedia, the term "space opera" goes back to 1941. (The wikipedia entry also talks about scientology and dianetics, and the belief that space opera is an "unconscious recollection" of actual events that took place in the distant past... i.e. "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.")

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