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Looking at the Globe and Mail today, I was surprised to learn that people from Quebec are called "Quebeckers"! I've never seen that spelling before, and it just looks wrong to me. Here are the number of hits on Google for various spellings:

Quebecker(s):   47,800
Quebecer(s):   128,000
Quebecquer(s):      65
Kebecker(s):        96
Quebecois:   2,040,000

So, majority says either Quebecer or Quebecois. I can see how there is a problem with the word Quebecer for a French speaker, since it reads as a soft C, but then again the "er" would be pronounced "ay", so it doesn't work anyway. I'm going with my own spelling, Kwebecquerre.


scott said:

1600 for "Quebecian".

beck said:

41 for quebecky (?!)

scott said:

Que, Becky?

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