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PostSecret, people write their secrets on postcards and send them in.


noo said:

so, I've decided I really don't want to know other people's secrets.

dan said:

Some of those are quite nicely put together, but they're almost all quite disturbing. Thanks for sharing!

andrea said:

well, yeah, there is a reason why secrets are secrets. they are icky! but they way some of them express their secret visually is really impressive to me... and how using art to express ourselves is transformative and then this becomes a really valuable and healing thing, i think. and i like the one about "i pee in pools"

scott said:

I think the range of what people consider their "secret" is interesting. Everything from "I stole nail-clippers from my best friend's house when I was five" (that's mine) to "I set my neighbour's house on fire" (not mine. just made up. I did drop my neighbour's eavestrough on my brother-in-law's head, but that's no secret.)

beck said:

Andrea, Why do you like the pee-in-pools post??! ps - I have no secrets!

andrea said:

why do you think? heh heh heh... actually it reminds me of swimming at a friend's house when i was little. they had a sign up that said "welcome to our ool. notice there is no p in it. please keep it that way." and it makes me smile.
my secret is that i found out beck's secret.

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