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Winner of the Bullwer-Lytton contest for (intentionally) worst writing? Dan McKay. Not this Dan McKay, the one from North Dakota. I'm looking forward to this dominating all google searches on my name.

Shuffle parka

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Awwwww, I have found the ultimate iPod shuffle accessory. The shuffle parka. I should probably order one of these babies before the snow flies. However, first I must learn Japanese. (via)

play houses!

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these play structures are amazing! noah needs one, and bec and i need a 2 storey duplex-style one.

How you watch the Tour de France can tell you what kind of person you are. I found this quite amusing. Is it even slightly amusing to non-cycling fanatics?

I am a Masterpiece

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Lucie Walker is an artist i met online who i find very inspiring. I bought my first ever art print from her, called Naptime, a mermaid sleeping on a couch in what looks like it could be my house. I asked about buying the orginal, but she is only selling the prints. A few weeks ago, she saw a photo of me, and was so inspired that she painted me.(!) And so my face will be available on mugs and t-shirts and clocks and mouspads and more! (Check out the store section of her site)

Her State of the Art section is very interesting, she shares photos of her work at different stages, and writes about how she felt about it at different points. If you click on Andrea: Altered Portrait in there, you can see the many stages my face went through.

Hmm, the Osborne Village Safeway is completely out of ice and trail mix. I wonder why that could be...

I'm most interested in seeing Daniel Lanois this year at Folk Fest, but also looking forward to Emmy Lou Harris, the Weakerthans, Martha Wainwright, and Feist. This looks like a good festival, musically. I think the mud is going to be bad though.

Romance novel covers

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Romance novels retitled to better reflect their covers.

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