Not a Birkenstock left in the city

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Hmm, the Osborne Village Safeway is completely out of ice and trail mix. I wonder why that could be...

I'm most interested in seeing Daniel Lanois this year at Folk Fest, but also looking forward to Emmy Lou Harris, the Weakerthans, Martha Wainwright, and Feist. This looks like a good festival, musically. I think the mud is going to be bad though.


scott said:

Remember that episode where Emmy Lou Harris turned evil and her hair turned black and she just about destroyed the world until Xander stopped her? ... Or am I thinking of something else?

andrea said:

my birkenstocks didn't quite make it through the weekend. damn sissy vegan birks :(

andrea said:

weekend? i was only there for a day. felt like a weekend though.

derek b. said:

I really enjoyed this year's Folk Fest. I went on Saturday. My favourite performance was the Rheostatics doing their version of Tom Sawyer/One More Colour. Another great year!

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