play houses!

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these play structures are amazing! noah needs one, and bec and i need a 2 storey duplex-style one.


dan said:

Those are cool, but man are they pricey! I guess it's the hand carved elements that justify the price? Why not just buy your kids an actual house? When I was a little gaffer, all we had were two sheets of plywood and some rusty nails, and we liked it!

andrea said:

i'm not sure anything would actually justify some of those prices.

noo said:

So, my plan is to casually show the sight to Stan, let him get a load of those prices. He will say something like "$80,000? I could build one of those for $140." And then I will challenge him to do just that, then (here's the hard part) try to insinuate myself in the design process, and presto chango! A play house!

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