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Winner of the Bullwer-Lytton contest for (intentionally) worst writing? Dan McKay. Not this Dan McKay, the one from North Dakota. I'm looking forward to this dominating all google searches on my name.


noo said:

At the bottom of the page there used to be a link to an item on a documentary by Penn Jillette called Aristocrats, becoming known as the most obscene movie ever. Basically a bunch of comedians telling the same joke - including my hero Gilbert Gottfreid. Anyway, it wasn't there when I went back - bloody brigadoon!

dan said:

I assume you mean on the CNN page? Ebert and Roeper said the movie isn't as funny as one would hope, but that Gilbert Gottfried is hilarious. But of course!

dan said:

Oh man. They just interviewed Dan McKay on CBC Radio. Now everyone in Winnipeg will think I'm the world's worst writer (and not a particularly good interviewee either).

noo said:

everyone in winnipeg doesn't listen to CBC...

dan said:

Apparently no one does, cuz no one has said anything to me about it so far.

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