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Hamster Sudoku

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I was wondering the other day, what Sudoku would be like without numbers, because the choice of symbols are not really important to the puzzle. Now thankfully, there's Hamster Sudoku with the answer. (Actually, you can change the search tag to use photos of pretty much anything on flickr.) I did manage to solve the easy hamster sudoku without much difficulty, but some of the methods needed for more difficult sudoku would become unwieldly. (via)

Dancing Global Matt

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Here's a video of some guy named Matt dancing all over the world. (via)

MS Bike Tour

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You can now sponsor me online in the MS Bike Tour in support of the MS Society of Canada. It's called "Biking to the Viking" and the tour goes from Stonewall MB to Gimli MB on August 27, 85 km, and then back the next day.

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system, affecting the control people have over their bodies. It affects twice as many women as men, and the average age is 28. There is no cure for MS, but fundraising supports the search for a cure, and provides services and programs for those affected.

Saul Bass

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Saul Bass is the all time greatest title sequence designer. Someone has put together a collection of his title sequences as slideshows, which doesn't fully capture their beauty, but still this is very nice.

Joss Whedon-aganza

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A nice long interview with Joss Whedon, in which he discusses Firefly, Alien:Resurrection, Speed, Toy Story, Wonder Woman, and more. My favourite quote: The trouble with doing as much work as I do is I also have to send my assistant to the comic-book store; how lame am I?

Hey Martians


What I would say to the Martians, by Jack Handy. (via)

You say your civilization is more advanced than ours. But who is really the more “civilized” one? You, standing there watching this cage? Or me, with my pants down, trying to urinate on you? You criticize our Earth religions, saying they have no relevance to the way we actually live. But think about this: if I could get my hands on that god of yours, I would grab his skinny neck and choke him until his big green head exploded.

iPod refund


Apple says they will refund the Canadian iPod levy. That's $2, $15, or $25 depending on the capacity of the iPod. Details on how to claim the rebate to follow. How much you wanna bet you can get that refund in iTunes bucks?
[Aug 10: Refund information will likely appear here.]

Universal Packing List

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The Universal Packing List is a pretty neat tool. You tell it a few details about your trip, and it'll tell you how to prepare and what to pack.

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