Hamster Sudoku

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I was wondering the other day, what Sudoku would be like without numbers, because the choice of symbols are not really important to the puzzle. Now thankfully, there's Hamster Sudoku with the answer. (Actually, you can change the search tag to use photos of pretty much anything on flickr.) I did manage to solve the easy hamster sudoku without much difficulty, but some of the methods needed for more difficult sudoku would become unwieldly. (via)


noo said:

Sure I was on easy setting...but I LOVE hamster Sudoku SO much more. It seems to suit my mental processes. (gives a whole new meaning to "watching the wheels turn".

dan said:

I found myself using the names of the photos, rather than just looking at the photos. Seems like I need to convert them to something I can run through my head quickly in order to solve them.

noo said:

I was calling them "fatty" and "wheel" and "water dish" and "scarey"

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