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A nice long interview with Joss Whedon, in which he discusses Firefly, Alien:Resurrection, Speed, Toy Story, Wonder Woman, and more. My favourite quote: The trouble with doing as much work as I do is I also have to send my assistant to the comic-book store; how lame am I?


noo said:

OK, so this piece almost made me late for work yesterday...
I liked the bit about explaining to Keanu about Gigantor...masking what a true wierdo he is. Now that I understand that Keanu was trying to act like an "ordinary guy" instead of an action hero alpha-male in Speed, I think it partly explains that sort of stilted, restrained character. I think what they failed to consider was

1) how the public would not be ready for a non-hero action hero in an action movie, and

b) that Keanu can't make ordinary believable.
I love you Keanu!!!

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