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The Universal Packing List is a pretty neat tool. You tell it a few details about your trip, and it'll tell you how to prepare and what to pack.


beck said:

Great, I have to start packing for Arizona tonight, cuz now I have a 24 page packing list. Actually a fun tool, and I like the explanations, like an ear band can keep your ears warm, and double as a sleeping mask.

Happy packing!

andrea said:

don't worry about it beck.. we're not going to arizona now, my list made me too bored and scared to ever pack to travel ever again.

beck said:

Did you say you were taking a suitcase or backpack? And did you say you were going to stay in "hotels"? We haven't really talked about it in that detail. I even guessed the departure date. Man we are screwwwed. Maybe you are right-we shouldn't go. It is too boring and scary.

andrea said:

i said backpack, it's easier to squish into the car. i said hotels, we did talk about how after long days of driving sleeping in beds would be necessary. but you were bringing camping stuff for when you're in the grand canyon. and now we have to go buy different bras because dude had travel bra recommendations too!

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