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Session 416

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This isn't new, but it's new to me. Earlier this summer short grainy unidentified video clips started showing up at various places on the internet. Eventually people figured out they were a kind of advertisement for Serenity, giving some background on one of the characters. The clips were released intermittently and nonsequentially. The first clip released was called R. Tam Session 416, second excerpt. (The guy with his back to the camera is Joss Whedon.) Next came Session 1 , then Session 22 , then Session 165, then ending with Session 416, first excerpt. The whole thing is kinda creepy, but intriguing, and a creative way of creating a buzz, I think.

Geodesic clubhouse

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I think part of my redecorating scheme is going to involve building a geodesic clubhouse out of newspaper in my living room. (Actually, I posted this because I think it might be a fun project for Noah, with some help of course.) (via the very cool paperforest)

Total Immersion


Before I learn to swim the wrong way, I may have to learn the right way from Total Immersion Swimming. Apparently it's all about being as streamlined as possible in your body position.

The Front Crawl

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I've never been able to do a proper front crawl, but now that I've read something of the history of this barbaric swimming style, I feel I must learn it.

In the western world, the front crawl was first seen in 1844 in London. Native Americans participating in this competition swam front crawl, defeating the British breaststroke swimmers easily. As this produced considerable splashing in the water and embarrassment outside, it was considered a barbaric and "un-European" way to swim by the British gentlemen, who preferred to keep their heads out of the water. Subsequently, the British continued to swim only breaststroke until 1873.

Ironically, the best guide to the front crawl I've been able to find is at the BBC Sports Academy site. It's got animated diagrams, instructions for multiple levels, and a video tutorial from a world champion.

How Raina and Dave got engaged

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Pembina cycling blog


I've always thought Pembina was the worst street in Winnipeg for cycling, which is particularly bad because a lot of people do cycle it, and probably many more would if it weren't such a death trap. Well, someone else agrees, and they're blogging about it at the Pembina Cycling Project. Excellent!


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Has anyone seen the television ads for Serenity ? The one I saw had short images from the movie interspersed with "testimonials" by "real people like you and me", saying things like, "This movie is so realistic," "This doesn't seem like a sci-fi movie," and "Hey, where are the googley-eyed aliens?" and "Now, this is a science fiction I can believe in." Huh??? Since when are science fiction movies marketed based on their believability? Are there people out there thinking, "Gosh, I'd like to go see a sci-fi film, but I don't like things that are at all farfetched on unrealistic"?

Decisive Moments

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Decisive Moments is a blog with great photography, great writing, and it's mostly about a love of cycling. So of course I love it.

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