Session 416

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This isn't new, but it's new to me. Earlier this summer short grainy unidentified video clips started showing up at various places on the internet. Eventually people figured out they were a kind of advertisement for Serenity, giving some background on one of the characters. The clips were released intermittently and nonsequentially. The first clip released was called R. Tam Session 416, second excerpt. (The guy with his back to the camera is Joss Whedon.) Next came Session 1 , then Session 22 , then Session 165, then ending with Session 416, first excerpt. The whole thing is kinda creepy, but intriguing, and a creative way of creating a buzz, I think.


beck said:

Arghh!!! I can't see them at work!! I hate that more than olives on a choclate cupcake - which really isn't that bad.

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