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Lost Rhapsody

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The cast of Lost sings the Bohemian Rhapsody (in the voice of Weird Al). It takes forever to load, but is fairly amusing if you've watched much of the show. Carry on.

Starbucks fairtrade challenge

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Apparently, Starbucks has guaranteed that you can always get get a cup of fair trade coffee at their shops. Some folks are testing that out.

Old-timey comics

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Barnacle Press is an archive of old comic strips. It's amazing what passed for humour once upon a time. My favourite so far is Old Doc Yak. (I don't get it, but I like it.)


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A new BBC series is being produced, a sexy, comedic, Welsh spin-off of Doctor Who, called Torchwood.

knitting for a better world

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a collection of ways to donate knitting. i am going with this one. i've printed out the pattern, it looks simple enough and will be a great way to experiment with designing intarsia patterns.

and for bec, there is a crochet child's sweater pattern there too.

Video iPod

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Apple has added video to the iPod. It has a slightly wider screen, is thinner and lighter, can be hooked up to a tv, and can hold 150 hours of video (60GB version). The cool thing is you'll be able to download commercial free tv shows for 2 bucks. (But so far the only show of interest is Lost.)
[Update: So far, it looks like there are no TV shows available from the Canadian iTunes store. And the music videos that are available are priced at 2.39 $CDN each.]

Want it, need it

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Whoever got my name for Christmas, here is the perfect Dan gift: 500 pounds of Lego.
(It would solve the problem of what to do with the empty space in my living room.)


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I've been waiting a week to look at this video, waiting for my new internet connection to be set up. The wait was totally worth it. Here is the Shining trailer remixed. It's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Not to build it up too much or anything. More info on the video here, with links to other fun trailer remixes. (Don't watch the West Side Story trailer if you're home alone!) (via)

Sometimes there's an Onion article that you just gotta link to. Aw, poor Sheryl. Hee hee!


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Guess what the cast of Serenity used to play on the bus on their way to location shooting in the desert.

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