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Guess what the cast of Serenity used to play on the bus on their way to location shooting in the desert.


noo said:

Joss Whedon has ... 7 points ... and WINS!!!

beck said:

Now the movie and it's angst make sense!!

beck said:

River Tam kills 5 billion REEvers...and WINS!!!

dan said:

Aw, you guys made all the good jokes already! So instead I'll provide a somewhat informative link in case anyone who hasn't been exposed to this demonic game is wondering what the hell you're talking about.

noo said:

It's funny that you say we made all the good jokes, when we basically made the same joke 3 times... although beck gets one POINT and has one POINT for perfecting it!
I assume they were playing the electronic version, and not the bulky paper version...

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