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a collection of ways to donate knitting. i am going with this one. i've printed out the pattern, it looks simple enough and will be a great way to experiment with designing intarsia patterns.

and for bec, there is a crochet child's sweater pattern there too.


orchid said:

and in related online knitting news...
i was reading a knitting blog where the blogger mentioned that someone would have to be insane to attempt kaffe fassett's foolish virgins sweater, that she knew of a few knitters who tried, but she never heard from them again...
so i left a comment asking for her help, i've almost finished knitting the sweater and i lost (someone STOLE... BOM BOM BUUUUM...) my pattern book and does she happen to have the pattern instructions for the collar? she does! she's out of town for the weekend, but on monday she said she's scan it for me! sweet! online knitters are the BEST.

dan said:

I can't decide which name I like better:
afghans for Afghans or Adopt a Native Elder.

Actually, this reminds me that in Fisher River we used to get shipments of mitts and toques from UCW groups. I always thought, "What? They think we don't have any mitts?" But I was pretty oblivious, and there may have been some kids who didn't have mitts.

dan said:

Oh, and just yesterday, I came across another robot knitter.

(My robot, which caused someone to comment: "Dude! You knit! You're a guy and you knit!")

orchid said:

the magical knitting blog i was talking about in my first comment also contained a knitted robot, she felted hers.

orchid said:

oh, and sark just finished some big campaign for afghans for afghans.

noo said:

I am imagining a "robots for hobos" campaign, or something like... Just for a minute, help a homeless guy feel like he is ruler of a giant robot army, poised to take over the world...and help to break down the experience of disenfranchisement by enabling and perpetuating a psychic breach.

Apparently I still feel a bit skeptical about charitable knitting...

beck said:

Where can I sign up for this Robots for Hobos Campaign??!

noo said:

I think Donald Trump is the spokesperson... I think he became the man he is today by believing that he could lead robots.

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