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I've been waiting a week to look at this video, waiting for my new internet connection to be set up. The wait was totally worth it. Here is the Shining trailer remixed. It's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Not to build it up too much or anything. More info on the video here, with links to other fun trailer remixes. (Don't watch the West Side Story trailer if you're home alone!) (via)


Scott said:

Oh my God, that's brilliant!! It would have been so great if that had been the trailer they actually used to advertise the movie.

dan said:

I think the West Side Story remix might have been better without the glowing eyes effect.

scott said:

Yes, I think that breaks some of the ground rules, right? (at least for the original contest.) I think the rule was you could change music and voiceovers and recut images but you couldn't alter the visuals.

noo said:

No, I think I do remember the glowing eyes...

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