Starbucks fairtrade challenge

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Apparently, Starbucks has guaranteed that you can always get get a cup of fair trade coffee at their shops. Some folks are testing that out.


beck said:

Last time I was there, they didn't have it in cup form.

beck said:

Okay, so I looked at the starbux commitment to fair trade, and there is no "guarantee to sell you a cup" that I could see. Got my hopes up, but s'not there.

dan said:

Here's a quote from a Starbucks worker in the comments of my first link (which probably was added after you read it):

But it's true, if you ask for it we'll French Press it for you. In fact, we'll do this with any coffee type you ask for. It takes 4:00 min to press and could take longer depending on the rush, but if you want it you can have it for the same price as our daily drip (fair trade obviously included).

andrea said:

well that's cool! beck, wanna try that next time?

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