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Apple has added video to the iPod. It has a slightly wider screen, is thinner and lighter, can be hooked up to a tv, and can hold 150 hours of video (60GB version). The cool thing is you'll be able to download commercial free tv shows for 2 bucks. (But so far the only show of interest is Lost.)
[Update: So far, it looks like there are no TV shows available from the Canadian iTunes store. And the music videos that are available are priced at 2.39 $CDN each.]


noo said:

letterman wants to have a combo phone and electric shaver. They must be at least thinking of an ipod camera...

dan said:

Well, I can't understand why Apple hasn't made a hard-disk-based video camera. It seems like the obvious way to go, and now JVC has one. Maybe they figured the existing camera makers would crush them.

noo said:

But the other camera makers aren't doing the combo - music - video - photo-library....I think the ipod is becoming the "i". It will soon be a remote memory for the brain, containing all our important stuff - favorite songs, our writing, our family images...that is the mystical truth of mac.

Scott said:

iConsciousness: Download all your synaptic activity onto your handy iPod! Share your unique self identity with others. Email your worldview to a friend. Download sensory input for only $1.99/experience.

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