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Whoever got my name for Christmas, here is the perfect Dan gift: 500 pounds of Lego.
(It would solve the problem of what to do with the empty space in my living room.)


skippy said:

i've got your name and am searching for 500 pounds of lego
will have to rent a truck from you dad to get it to glandstone
stay tuned.

fido said:

can't wait to dump the stuff on grandma's dinning room
no puzzles this christmas.........just lego
lookout noah and dot

urg said:

surely you want something else.......what is it that you really want, boy!

dan said:

Truthfully, I should be a pretty easy "giftee" this year. Since A-Schro moved out of the apartment, I have a lot of empty space. Particularly, the walls are quite barren, and could use some artwork (Hint hint hint!)

On a related note, I am on the lookout for any plants that need a new home, or cuttings that anyone would like to share. This place is like THX1138 right now.

scott said:

Isn't ASchro something you have to do when you file for bankruptcy?

andrea said:

i will bring you a passionflower cutting, but only if you treat it better than a-schro treated her passionflower.

dan said:

Cool! I promise I will try. So far I'm treating my plants pretty well.

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