Why Morning Musume, Why?

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Morning Musume really need to get themselves a better manager. First they subjected themselves to the lovely Samara. Now they're sticking their heads into a lizard cage with slabs of meat on their foreheads. It's great fun for the rest of us though. (Those are video links.)


Scott said:

Nan, do NOT watch the first video clip.

Scott said:

In the Samara clip, why does there seem to be less screaming when they get to the surprise at the end. It's almost like, Oh thank goodness, something to distract us from that terrifying movie!

noo said:

note to self - read the comments BEFORE watching the clip!!!!!!
shit, Dan. Another calendar year of reliving those images! this time in a two inch video frame. But really, who wouldn't have predicted the TV stand had someone hiding in it?

noo again said:

Incedently, I was watching those images for the FIRST time, because last time I had my eyes covered well in advance of that scene.

dan said:

Sorry. When are we going to watch Ringu 2 through infinity?

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