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Lazy Sunday is a little rap video and the funniest thing on Saturday Night Live in a while. Available in Flash streaming form, or downloadable Quicktime and mp3.



i think scott and dan will like to play with this.



So I was in the mood to listen to REM's version of U2's "One", so I looked for it online and found it as part of a podcast of covers , along with a fun version of Johnny Cash doing Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" and a very prog-gy Yes version of Simon and Garfunkel's "America".


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OMG! Jigsaw Sudoku! Just when I thought I was getting this addiction under control. (It's just a minor variation, but it's taking my brain a little while to cope with it.)

Undiscover'd Country Act II

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Hey, we might as well have a link to the Undiscovr'd Country website, with more about the play, the cast, and how to get tickets.Not that a mukluk endorsement will get you to Broadway, but perhaps an Edmontonian will stumble across the link.

Dan's Flightplan review

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Great big spoilers here! Don't look! (But if you actually care, why didn't you see it a year ago?)

Undiscover'd Country

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Preview article about the show in the Edmonton Journal . It's always a bit weird to have a conversation with someone and then read things kind of like what you said. But generally I think it's a pretty good article, other than the fact that I've apparently moved back to Saskatoon, and the subtle implication that Nanette is insane. (I swear that's not how it was intended.)

Trusty Canadians


Kathleen Edwards has 10 mp3s free for the listening on her website. Very nice. (via)

Also, although I'm not that into Jane Siberry, she is doing something rather cool in offering up her whole collection as mp3s that you can take for free, try before you buy, pay a standard 99 cents, or set your own price.

Scenes from a ventilation shaft

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Cut scene from Empire Strikes Back. The thing that is blowing my mind: Is that Mark Hamill's voice? I think it is!

You may rest now


Finally, the age-old debate has been settled: Lip-synching is better than karaoke. More evidence. (links are to Google Video)

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