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Great big spoilers here! Don't look! (But if you actually care, why didn't you see it a year ago?)

OK, let me see if I understand the bad guys' plan: A stewardess, an air marshal and a coroner figure they can make 5 million dollars if they push the husband of an aircraft engineer off of a roof, put some explosives in his coffin, have the engineer somehow end up on a flight that the stewardess and air marshal will both be scheduled for, which will also be a model of plane that the engineer helped design, and hope to hell the engineer's daughter does not make a memorable impression on anyone on the flight, which includes making sure they get a row to themselves. Now all they need to do is to drug and snatch the engineer's daughter without anyone noticing (including the daughter) and hope to hell the mother will escape a plane full of people, break into the cargo hold, and unlock her husband's coffin. This is a plan of such brilliant simplicity that it just could not fail.

That's all I have to say on that movie, except, how is Newfoundland FBI jurisdiction? (Rhetorical question mark.)


andrea said:

andrea's flightplan review:
1. i love how that guy is completely incapable of facial expression and i was on the edge of my seat waiting for him to say "come on, i'll pull you through the roof!".
2. jodie foster had enough "panic" facial expressions for the rest of the cast
3. i was ready to leave an hour before it ended
4. why did we all want to see this????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(some of those ?s are rhetorical)

andrea said:

also, i thought mukluk was a blog?

beck said:

becks review:
Okay - If I have Jodie Foster in an enclosed space and extremely anxious, I would rather see Panic Room twice - at least then you have Forrest Wittaker. A man capable of countering Jodie's freaking out acting with seeming really sorry. And a daughter who reacts, and doesn't just sleep through the whole thing.
Oh, and I wanted the "new" stewardess to figure it all out and kick out Peter Sarsgaard's knee caps!!
as per andrea's #3, it was appropriate to keep her there an extra hour - to go with the capitve theme of the movie.

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