Undiscover'd Country

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Preview article about the show in the Edmonton Journal . It's always a bit weird to have a conversation with someone and then read things kind of like what you said. But generally I think it's a pretty good article, other than the fact that I've apparently moved back to Saskatoon, and the subtle implication that Nanette is insane. (I swear that's not how it was intended.)


Scott said:

I'm not sure how links to newspapers work; the link may only work on the day of the article. Or it may get archived. I don't know.

Scott said:

Here's another article, from VUE Weekly.

Scott said:

OK, sorry. Last one. The Edmonton Sun

Scott said:

I lied. Here's one from SEE Magazine . (Gilbert need to work on either his history or his math.)

noo said:

Wow, I missed the part where you called me insane until you pointed it out...and Ben needs another word besides "Yummy". But otherwise, some pretty nice praise. Oh, and stop talking about me in the press - you'll just increase my google quotient.

Scott said:

Nanette McKay is one of the yummiest people I know.

dan said:

The SEE article makes it look like you're the one with poor math skills, but I'm more impressed to learn from the VUE article that you are an expert on raves. Anyway, these look like some very nice previews. Can't wait to see it!

beck said:

Want to see it, despite poor math and noo-influence.

Scott said:

OK, here's a review from VUE Weekly that will make up for any implication, however subtle, that Nanette is the crazy one.

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