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Rural Studio


I really like the work of Rural Studio. They work with the rural poor in Alabama building homes, and the designs are as interesting as the people. The walls of Lucy House are stacked carpet tiles. Shiles House is made of tires and shipping palettes. Music Man House was built from road signs, scrap metal, glass bottles, and a truck bed liner. (The owner, Music Man, also goes by the names Jimmy Lee Matthews and Mr. Eyes Cancer.) More photos in this slideshow. (via)

Popo Zao


James Lipton recites Kevin Federline's* Popo Zao on Conan O'brien. (QuickTime video)

*K-Fed is Mr. Britney Spears, a dancer who has now decided he is a musician.



A00A is a Flash game/activity that I kind of like. The premise is pretty simple and the artwork is wonderful. And, for some reason, it's named after Tony Danza's favourite expression??

Jean Luc dancing
I've come across The Picard Song before, and it's terribly catchy. However, now that it's been paired with an hilarious video, it is sublime.

Number 6 plastic = shrinkydinks!

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I am so excited to learn that you can make shrinkydinks (the amazing shrinking plastic craft) just using pieces of number 6 recyclable plastic! Take that shrinkco (or who ever makes the name brand stuff). Hmmm, I have everything from 1-5 in my cupboard, and even a 7, but no number 6 plastic. Dang!

Morning Musume vs. Polar Bear.


One of the Morning Musume girls meets a polar bear (flash video).

Martin Luther King Day


Riveting account of the march on Selma, from the April 1965 New Yorker.



And of course the obligatory Apple keynote post:
iLife update (introducing iWeb), iWork update, faster Intel-based iMac, PowerBook becomes MacBook Pro.

Unfortunately, iLife looks to be largely dependent on a .Mac account, which I'm not interested in. Also, MacBook Pro is a dumb name. I'm guessing there was some concern that the PowerBook name was too connected to the PowerPC, but it sounded cool. Still wouldn't turn down a MacBook Pro. (Will the next desktop Macs be MacDesk Pro or MacMac Pro?)

Behind the Keynote


Steve Jobs has a keynote coming up tomorrow, and just in time, take a look at what goes into one of these presentations. Actually, Joy of Tech has the real, real inside scoop.

Best flash games of 2005

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This list of the twenty best flash games of the year looks pretty good, at least based on the ones I've seen before. Now to try out the rest...

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