Cap-tain Jean-Luc Pi-card of-the U-S-S-En-ter-prise

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Jean Luc dancing
I've come across The Picard Song before, and it's terribly catchy. However, now that it's been paired with an hilarious video, it is sublime.


noo said:

This has to be on the playlist for the party dan. If you are taking your job seriously at all. Also Cartman singing "come sail away".

dan said:

OK, I've already got Cartman, and the Picard mp3 is here, along with some other trekky stuff.

andrea said:

oh... just as i was about to come back and report "the video won't load on your computer if you're not a trekky!" the video started playing.

Zach said:

It was so funny - to the point that I was disoriented enough to give Scott Becky's soap and Becky Scott's funny salt&pepper block dice....
Embarrassing yes, but funny (I hope).

Zach said:

Don't forget to visit Ben Schnitzer (aka heldenhobbit) at

dan said:

Yes, I'm quite enjoying Helden's blog, but I wish I didn't need to sign up for a blogger account to post comments...

andrea said:

argh. just reading this has put that song back into my head.

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