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NY Hotel


I really like the animation in the music video NY Hotel by The Knife. It makes me think of the yellowish newsprint we used for art in elementary school. (via)

My love for you will stay on target

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Shnookums and Meat


Mm, finally a meat product safe for us vegetarians. (via)

Bicycle! Bicycle! (music videos)


Hmm, maybe I should start collecting music videos with bicycles in 'em.
New: Corrine Bailey Rae - Put your records on
Previously [*]: Rumblestrips - Motorcycle
Feb 15/06 Added: Anna Ternheim - To Be Gone

Mini takeout box


assembled takeout box
After examining a decorative takeout box from Beck and Scott's co-birthday party, I've produced a little PDF so you can print and assemble your own. Note that you'll need bigger than 8.5x11 paper to get anything other than a "mini" box. Get crafty!

Mini takeout box template

(This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Canada License.)

And if you want to slap some Kanji on it, I recommend this.

Brokeback to the Future

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Doc and Marty in Back to the Future
I'm pretty sick of all the Brokeback Mountain jokes and parodies out there, but against my better judgement I clicked on a link to Brokeback to the Future (flash video). I actually liked this one. It's well executed, and I think it's true to the spirit of the film.

Japanese folk monsters


The Obakemono project is a guide to the monsters of Japanese folklore, with cute illustrations. (via)

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