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Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blog

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Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blog and tis reallye very humourouse.

Iron Sudoku


Iron Sudoku boardNot another sudoku website! Iron Sudoku only offers one game per day, and it requires registration, but it's got an excellent interface that makes the sign up worth while. (Best feature: shift click on the number pads to "pencil in" numbers.)

Scrambled Hackz


This is a cool (Flash video). A real-time video mixing system that you control with your voice. The inventor is quite entertaining, himself.

Don't shoot the puppy!

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What could be simpler? Just don't shoot the puppy and you'll win this flash game. (15 levels)

Tom's of Maine of Colgate


Colgate has bought out Tom's of Maine. Sigh, I guess.

Nano nano


nano tube bike frameCarbon fibre is old and heavy. Carbon nano tubes are the new lightness in bike frame technology. (Actually, they're using carbon fibre with embedded nano tubes.)

Experimental Film

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Here's a video for a song by They Might Be Giants, featuring Strong Sad, one of my favourite characters from (home of Trogdor the Burninator.) (Wow, lot of links in this post!)


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The cast of Blossom bring the smack down to the Wu Tang Clan.

drum machine

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OK, this thing is cool. I don't know exactly what to call it: a game? a movie? Sometimes kind of cute, sometimes pretty, sometimes scary. But cool.

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