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zefrank's theshow


I can't believe how funny zefrank's theshow is. The gold standard for video podcasting has been set. Unfortunately, it's become so popular, you can only see the last 5 entries, not the whole archive. I can't understand how he's able to make a podcast everyday. Sports racer!

(zefrank was previously best known for his crazy flash toys.)

NFB Canadian vignettes


Someone has collected and posted all those old NFB Canadian vignettes on YouTube, including the soddies, the Norsemen, the Voyageurs, Bill Miner, Lady Simpson, that logger guy, and Flintabbatey Flonatin. Someone else was kind enough to upload the log driver's waltz. It strikes me that these are all very depressing (the first three), funny (the next three), or weird (Fin Flon), and maybe that's Canada in a nutshell. The log driver's waltz is Canada at its best. (via)

Top 101 Screenplays

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Here's another chance to play "How many of these movies have I seen?" The American Writers Guild has chosen the top 101 screenplays. (It's odd that these kind of lists seldom have films that were amazingly wonderful but nobody ever saw or heard of... OK, maybe not that odd.)

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