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Flickr geotagging


Flickr just keeps getting better! They've added geotagging, which lets you mark where your photos were taken, anywhere in the world. Looking at my sparse map, makes me want to travel more, and to scan in my old pictures, to look at least a little more cosmopolitan.

Fi said, Ji said

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My sister Nanette, her husband Scott, and their kiddo Noah are moving to Fiji sometime in September. Fi said, Ji said will be the place (and by place, I mean blog) to find out what they're up to over on the blueish side of the planet.

The evolution of speech balloons


The Early Comics Archive has a neat page on the evolution of speech balloons. It's interesting to see the gradual change from ribbon to balloon. Of course, speech balloons are now a staple of the comic book language, but they have applications beyond that.


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Bikely is a site where people can share the good bike routes they've found. Already, there are a few up for Winnipeg.

Some 3 word movie reviews


Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby ***** Dehydrated myself laughing.

Scoop ** Woody losing it.

The Secret ** Just tell me.

Wordplay *** This nerd likes.

July Scavenger Hunt


I entered the Monthly Scavenger Hunt on Flickr for the first time this July, and it was a lot of fun, although it was a lot more work than I expected. And somehow, two of my pictures were voted in the top 3 for their category!

Deep (1st place, thanks to Russ for the idea):
Parkade stair well

Yawn (3rd place, last minute zucchini carving):
Yawning Zucchini

My personal favourite of my photos, was this one for "flyer":

We are the internet


See the greatest star collaboration so far this millennium. Sweater Girl, Peter Pan, Tron Guy, and more! How did they get all of these people together? Courtesy We Are the Web, fighting for net neutrality.

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