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Pictaps is a neat little flash thingy where you draw a little character and it gets animated into a dance routine. Mine is named Skwiggo! (The page sometimes crashes my Safari browser, but seems to be fine in Firefox. It's cool enough that I'd say take your chances.)

We are the internet


See the greatest star collaboration so far this millennium. Sweater Girl, Peter Pan, Tron Guy, and more! How did they get all of these people together? Courtesy We Are the Web, fighting for net neutrality.

A Wii stampede


Wow, I think the people have decided. Watch as the morning crowd at the E3 convention races past the Sony Playstation 3 booth to get a chance at those delicious new Nintendo Wii games. Wii is a pretty silly name, but apparently its the games that matter, and they look like fun:
Duck Hunt
Mario Galaxy
Smash Bros.
Legend of Zelda

zefrank's theshow


I can't believe how funny zefrank's theshow is. The gold standard for video podcasting has been set. Unfortunately, it's become so popular, you can only see the last 5 entries, not the whole archive. I can't understand how he's able to make a podcast everyday. Sports racer!

(zefrank was previously best known for his crazy flash toys.)

Iron Sudoku


Iron Sudoku boardNot another sudoku website! Iron Sudoku only offers one game per day, and it requires registration, but it's got an excellent interface that makes the sign up worth while. (Best feature: shift click on the number pads to "pencil in" numbers.)

Jean Luc dancing
I've come across The Picard Song before, and it's terribly catchy. However, now that it's been paired with an hilarious video, it is sublime.

Number 6 plastic = shrinkydinks!

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I am so excited to learn that you can make shrinkydinks (the amazing shrinking plastic craft) just using pieces of number 6 recyclable plastic! Take that shrinkco (or who ever makes the name brand stuff). Hmmm, I have everything from 1-5 in my cupboard, and even a 7, but no number 6 plastic. Dang!

Best flash games of 2005

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This list of the twenty best flash games of the year looks pretty good, at least based on the ones I've seen before. Now to try out the rest...

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